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Am I the missing link to your birth team? Who knows! Have a look to see if you like the sound of me, and if you think there might be a connection, give me a call and check to make sure there is a spark and understanding between us.

If you would like more information on the type of support I can offer I would love to chat to you either over the phone or in person.


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If you need a doula and live locally, Ruth is the one for you! Her kind and caring personality, along with her open minded approach, will make your birth experience an absolute dream.
— Hannah
I fully recommend Mother Mother Doula. Ruth is so easy to talk to, she is really supportive, understanding and able to provide information and advice to help with nerves
— Cam
Ruth will always offer a kind ear and a fresh perspective. She actively listens and offers a point of view without judgement or letting her own views cloud the opinions she gives. I would be confident that she would act in the interest of any mother she cares for and support her to have the birth she wants, whatever that may look like.
— SD
If you want a great birth experience, you should get in touch with Ruth. She will give you support you need and make sure your voice is heard. My birth experience was amazing, I gave birth without any pain relief, just asked for the gas and air in the end. If I had any concerns or questions, I knew I could always ask Ruth. She will be always there for you when you need her
— Elena
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You’re a born doula. I love your gentle calmness. Your caring familiar nature is instantly reassuring
— NB
Ruth, your heart is so full of compassion and your words are comforting. A naturally inspiring person - clearly doesn’t realise how amazing she is!

— CP
Divine mothering energy. So understanding and knowledgeable with a lovely reassuring presence!
— EG
You’re naturally calming, nurturing and intelligent. You’re a wonderful person to be around
— CN
You are the easiest person to talk to. I feel like I can tell you anything you don’t judge and you always have something lovely to say. I’ve had some tough times with the little one but I know that your always supportive and you can relate to the things I say. I don’t think you see yourself how much you help.
— CT
You come as strong as a mountain ready to carry anybody who needs support. But your love is the softest and beautiful thing I saw by a long long time. Thank you for your kind eyes and warm heart
— MM
Ruth has a wonderful emotional intelligence and I believe is a natural healer. She is diligent, reliable, professional, intelligent, a good advocate and passionate about what’s right. Personally I have been really helped by Ruth’s ability to listen, understand not judge and radiate calm during a very challenging time.
— TW
An extremely calm and caring person who wants to help you to achieve the best birth for YOU.
— Sarah