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Am I the missing link to your birth team? Who knows! Have a look to see if you like the sound of me, and if you think there might be a connection, give me a call and check to make sure there is a spark and understanding between us.

If you would like more information on the type of support I can offer I would love to chat to you either over the phone or in person.

Testimonials & REview

Fantastic doula - highly recommended!
Ruth was absolutely fantastic supporting my wife throughout the entire home birth experience. For me personally (as the husband), it was very reassuring to have Ruth there by our side to ensure everything went smoothly and nothing was missed. She was always on-hand and available for anything we required to support us through the journey. I would highly recommend Ruth without hesitation for anyone that may require a doula!
— Jay
You will not regret having Ruth present before and during your baby’s birth. The birth of our first baby boy was the most magical, positive, empowering and deeply bonding experience we could have ever hoped for as a family - this was in no small part due to the presence and influence of Ruth throughout. What a way to welcome our baby.

We found Ruth through her shared care set up with Laura, who was originally recommended to us by friends and mutual contacts. These ladies are strong, sensitive individuals who have completely got your back ... that feeling is irreplaceable when preparing for and going into the most intense experience of your life. Especially as a first time mum.

Laura and Ruth shared the pre natal visits - they both took a lot of care to get to know my partner and I, understand our wishes and apprehensions and talk us through what would actually happen during labour and birth. Both Ruth and Laura are immensely knowledgable, as parents themselves, and through their experience as doulas. Ruth also has a great range of useful books to borrow!

During labour, Ruth arrived promptly and immediately got set up to help me work through contractions, give my partner a break and guide us through to active labour. Ruth balanced the difficult task of staying by my side throughout labour with not imposing or “replacing” my partner. Ruth was simply amazing - she breathed through every contraction with me over several hours, encouraged me when I was exhausted, supported me when faced with choices from midwives, held our space so my partner and I had the freedom to be, think and move as we wanted to in labour. As a bonus, Ruth also took some stunning photos of us as a family which we will treasure forever.

Ruth is also able to advise on breastfeeding, and despite being at hospital with us until 2.30am, was at hand the next day to offer breastfeeding advice by phone.

Ruth is a natural doula and has a deeply caring nature. I can not recommend her highly enough for the preparation for and birth of your baby.
— Natalie B
I cannot recommend Ruth more. I particularly enjoyed the calming atmosphere she created in the house throughout the labor. Her calming and easy to get on personality combined with smily face is a great match for the doula role. She also gives confidence with her knowledge and recommendations I felt completely safe and comfortable to have a rest when she was around and this made it easier to take important decisions during labor
— Bora L
Ruth is the most incredibly supportive, thoughtful and professional doula I have encountered. The information and support she gave us during my pregnancy and into my labour (and after!) enabled us to have the calm, empowered birth we wanted despite going into labour early and not being able to have the home birth we originally planned. We felt able to advocate for ourselves and ask for what we wanted, giving me an incredible water birth on a labour ward, something I didn’t think would happen.

I can’t recommend Ruth enough! She even came round afterwards with thoughtful gifts and breastfeeding help. What a wonderwoman.
— Stevie T
Ruth is an amazing doula and great support to have during birth. She’s got a soft energy which feels lovely to be around and also she is very knowledgeable as she loves to do her research. She supports you with your choices regarding birth towards a positive mindset. She provides support regarding various different kinds of pain management during labour. Her presence is there and very strong during birth but also very invisiable when you need to bond with your partner or your family. She has been an important part of the most amazing experience of my life and I would with a loving heart recommend her.
— Hande L
If you need a doula and live locally, Ruth is the one for you! Her kind and caring personality, along with her open minded approach, will make your birth experience an absolute dream.
— Hannah
I fully recommend Mother Mother Doula. Ruth is so easy to talk to, she is really supportive, understanding and able to provide information and advice to help with nerves
— Cam
Ruth will always offer a kind ear and a fresh perspective. She actively listens and offers a point of view without judgement or letting her own views cloud the opinions she gives. I would be confident that she would act in the interest of any mother she cares for and support her to have the birth she wants, whatever that may look like.
— SD
If you want a great birth experience, you should get in touch with Ruth. She will give you support you need and make sure your voice is heard. My birth experience was amazing, I gave birth without any pain relief, just asked for the gas and air in the end. If I had any concerns or questions, I knew I could always ask Ruth. She will be always there for you when you need her
— Elena
You’re a born doula. I love your gentle calmness. Your caring familiar nature is instantly reassuring
— NB
Ruth, your heart is so full of compassion and your words are comforting. A naturally inspiring person - clearly doesn’t realise how amazing she is!

— CP
Divine mothering energy. So understanding and knowledgeable with a lovely reassuring presence!
— EG
You’re naturally calming, nurturing and intelligent. You’re a wonderful person to be around
— CN
You are the easiest person to talk to. I feel like I can tell you anything you don’t judge and you always have something lovely to say. I’ve had some tough times with the little one but I know that your always supportive and you can relate to the things I say. I don’t think you see yourself how much you help.
— CT
You come as strong as a mountain ready to carry anybody who needs support. But your love is the softest and beautiful thing I saw by a long long time. Thank you for your kind eyes and warm heart
— MM
Ruth has a wonderful emotional intelligence and I believe is a natural healer. She is diligent, reliable, professional, intelligent, a good advocate and passionate about what’s right. Personally I have been really helped by Ruth’s ability to listen, understand not judge and radiate calm during a very challenging time.
— TW
An extremely calm and caring person who wants to help you to achieve the best birth for YOU.
— Sarah
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