Birth Doula - Medway, Kent & south east London

Postnatal Care Details

Click the title above to see details about different ideas for how you might like to be supported in the postnatal period in Kent and Southeast London. For more general information on my postnatal care services see here instead. Ideas for how you might find a postnatal doula helpful can be anywhere from before you get home from hospital (if that is where you gave birth), a few days after you get settled home, or a few months into your life as a family with a newborn. Being a parent can be difficult and is different for everyone; your experience as a new mum or a new dad should not be compared to anyone else’s. Some people feel like they really want help, but are not sure what to ask me to do. It is your home, and your family - so you lead what would be most helpful for you.

Postnatal care details…

how I can help & support you

Here are some ways that I help families of new babies, there might be something else that you would like help with - please ask

  • providing an ear, a shoulder, a safe place for you to speak and be listened to

  • cooking for you and your family

  • filling the freezer with some home cooked food

  • light housework (washing, cleaning, ironing, washing up etc.)

  • looking after pets; walking/bathing dogs, de-worming the cat, washing the fish tank - you name it.

  • supporting you on trips out of the house to build your confidence

  • playing with / caring for your other children (bath and bedtime with an extra pair of hands sound good?)

  • making you a bath and looking after the baby while you take it

  • helping you to get some sleep

  • driving you places if you need it after surgery

  • support at doctors appointments or anywhere else you need to be and would like help

  • and more…