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Click the title above to read more about the birth support you can get with me within Kent and Southeast London. Choosing someone to be with you during such a vulnerable and emotional time can be a big decision and it is important to have a lot of trust in the person supporting you. I have tried to provide comprehensive information so that you can get a feel for who I am and what I am like, but I’m sure there will be things particular to your pregnancy, birth and parenting that I have missed so please never be afraid to ask. You can find my fees; how much I charge for a standard birth package as well as variances, You can also find information of our first interview, multiple antenatal meetings, how you can reach me during your pregnancy, the birth and postnatal visits. There is information here on the area of Kent and southeast London that I cover as a birth doula, whether at your home, birth center or hospital. I hope it is helpful - if not, please feel free to give me a call or email me - info via the contact page

I’m there to remind you what you already know.
You know her. I know birth.

birth doula care

what do you get?

an initial interview,

  • informal chat

  • a chance for you to get to know me and see if I am the right person to support you

  • a chance for me to get to know you and your family and make sure our expectations are aligned

  • any time before or during pregnancy, preferably before 37 weeks, but after is not a problem

  • usually in your home

  • if you have another birth partner or team, it is wonderful to meet them too

  • 30 to 45 minutes long


two preparatory antenatal visits

  • a welcome pack, usually including:

  • email, call and text availability from when we first meet

  • usually two visits between 35 and 38 weeks,

  • between 2 to 3 hours long each

  • you have space to talk, space to tell me what you want and how you are feeling and I will listen. There are not many times in daily life where we are deeply listened to and it can do us a lot of good.

  • within an antenatal preparation plan framework, you can explore your plans, wishes, expectations, fears, doubts, expertise and gaps in knowledge.

  • Together, if you wish, we work towards the birth plans for you and your family that is led by evidence based information that you understand.

  • I do not have an opinion of the type of birth that is best for you. I am here to support your choices.


on-call from 38 weeks

  • email, call and text availability

  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

support at your birth

  • Let me know when you go into labour, if you’re not sure, give me a call - I will never mind if it all quietens down again.

  • We will be in touch and you will know instinctively when you would like me to be there with you. If you are unsure, I can always come by for a bit and go home again if you would like to see me but don’t need me for long. Everyone is different.

  • I'll try and stay until you and the baby are settled and happy for me to leave, I try to leave within 2 hours.


one postnatal visit

  • Often within a day or so of you returning home, or after a couple of days if you birthed at home.

  • perhaps your partner goes back to work after a couple of weeks, or days, and you would like me to pop in for some reassurance

  • You can talk to me, this is a time for you to be truly listened to

  • If you have practical things that you would like to be done, I can do those too - some inspiration for postnatal care here.

  • these visits are around one hour each,

  • for more care in the postnatal period, please see my postnatal care package


breastfeeding support

  • if you want it, for as long as you need

  • breastfeeding is a choice, often hampered by challenges that can be overcome by enough of the right support

  • So often we face high expectations without adequate support - I will do all I can to help you to meet your goals

  • if you make the choice not to breastfeed I support you too

  • I am training to be a Breastfeeding Counsellor with the ABM (started January 2019, 24 month course). If I have met you in my role as a Breastfeeding Counsellor then I can refer to you to another doula who will be able to support you. If you are a doula client, you may benefit from my breastfeeding knowledge and experience but only ever free of charge.


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As a member of Doula UK (DUK), my practice reflects the Doula UK philosophy and the Doula UK code of conduct.

My fees


Doula UK has a voucher scheme, so friends and family can buy you doula support and if you are in receipt of state benefits, Doula UK is working towards becoming a charity to offer free access to those that cannot afford it. If you are in need of free support please contact Doulas Without Borders.