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World Breastfeeding Week 2018 - Breastfeeding health benefits

It shouldn't be the case that by sharing information about breastfeeding I feel like I am scaremongering those that formula feed. That is not my intention, and I don't think information about breastfeeding should be hidden to protect us from feeling guilty. We shouldn't feel guilty if we make informed choices for the best of our baby and family and Ourselves.

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Electronic Fetal Monitoring and the dramatic rise in C-sections

Why do we get monitored during labour? Duh. To check if the baby is OK. If their heart rate is normal, they are probably ok. Right?

But here is the issue with that premise: there has been no drop in the number of births with CP, not even when the lower rate of death rate of premature babies is taken into account. EFM has not prevented or reduced the thing it was meant to do.

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