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You just learnt what a doula is, you think you want one and you've found one you like. Yay and double yay πŸ€“

And then they offer you shared care. Say what now?

So, Shared Care (the Ruth way...):
🌜When 2 doulas work in a team to ensure that you always have your doula when you want them
🌞 sometimes a doula is happy to stay with you for 24 hours and more, but sometimes this isn't possible, or perhaps some fresh energy is good for everyone after this long
🌜Some doulas might prefer to be with you from a certain point in labour, e.g. active labour. With shared care your doula can offer to be with you as early as <you> want them, without fear of using up her energy
🌞 Sometimes life happens - people get ill, cars break down, births with estimated due dates 6 weeks apart happen within 2 days of one another. It's unlikely, but knowing there is a great back up plan dials down any worries for all parties by a whole lot
🌜 You can get to know both doulas really well during antenatal visits and pregnancy and then call your favourite when the time comes πŸ˜‰
🌞 You get the benefit of 2 doula's experience and knowledge.
🌜Often doulas who work shared care together have a similar outlook, so you might feel that you find it hard to choose between them. Or perhaps you meet them both at interview and really like one but don't click at all with the other. Don't be afraid to ask for the person you want. You won't offend, you won't upset us. It is likely that the doula you clicked with will be able to support you either alone or with another doula.
🌞 Not all doulas want to or like working shared care, but some have seen it work for everyone involved and want to spread the word...guess which one I am 😜

Just another option in your box of informed choices ❀️ I've tagged some doulas that I know work shared care, but I'm toddler wrangling and I know there are more of you! Please come and tell us about the way you work it and why it works for you and your clients! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸΌ Or why you hate it!!

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