Night weaning part eleventyhundred

Night Weaning Diary

I could call this part 2, but it's actually more like part 150.. I just haven't shared each step.

I started by feeling that I need more sleep, that I wasn't really functioning that well and that I was getting awful aversion from endless night feeds.

I'm on month 19 and we have been apart one night (when I stayed at a birth). Apart from that we are together every night.

Auden's understanding has leapt in the last couple of months and I always wanted to wait until I could sort of explain things to him and have his input. In reality, the information exchange is extremely variable, hazy and possibly non-existent. But it feels like some of it is going in.

I am able to say, "makmak now. Cuddles to sleep in bed" and I really feel that he understands.

I've also really noticed that when I'm undecided on if I want to do something he is asking for, he pushes. When I'm sure, he doesn' coincidence I think.

It feels like we are working it all out together. And I'm really glad I did a bit of reading that has helped me with knowing that the step up in big feelings is to be expected - I'm trying so hard to hold them and let him know that those feelings are important too.

Sometimes I find myself saying "shh, you're alright" and feel awful for it - but, I'm trying and I'm pretty sure that is good enough right now ❤️