The Mother Side UK

I don't know if it has always been this way, or if it just feels to me that momentum is building behind supporting families. Specifically new families, fresh parents who might need more love. 

 Perhaps I'm just seeing more of it because I am seeking it out, but I hope it is moving in the right direction.

One such organisation, aiming to reduce loneliness in parents and to increase the community and network that people have before, during and after birth, is The Mother Side UK. Currently submitting an application to become a CIC, The Mother Side is just that: a community interest company.

 Zoë Tolman is trying to build an ego-free empire of parental support, starting with encouraging people to set up local meet ups all around the world. I've been helping.

 The theory behind Zoë's plan is simple; people who volunteer are often not able to do so for very long. If we were to support them in being more sustainable, emotionally and practically, hopefully people would be able to continue their amazing work for longer and reach more and more people who need the support.

If you run a group for parents already or you want to start, you can be involved either way. 


There is an incredibly supportive Facebook group and lots more