Working mum | Instagram post

For real. Feeling fried 🤪

Today I had the choice between 5hrs childcare or keeping Sir Squishington at home and going out for a mini adventure to meet an internet friend.

I chose the latter and my goodness I am so glad I did. In true crap at social media style I took zero photos, which is double bum because both @emma_hayward_osteopath and the location were SO damn instagrammable 🙄 Emma, you doula-ed me through my morning! I was a sleep deprived wreck and you made everything good ❤️ I spoke to my mentor (utter legend and superdoula) earlier in the week about feeling overwhelmed and she wisely advised that I book time for nothing. I block it out and rest. And I want to do that....I do.

But...if I had taken the childcare option today...I would not have gone home to a pack of biscuits and Home Is Where The Art Is (my latest shit telly fad. So cringe. So great). I would have fretted about not cleaning the house while I sat at my laptop and churned through admin and writing and work. And although I love every chance to do that, because those moments feel few and far between, and I love the work, there is a point where you have to say woah there and take some time.

So to be able to rest I actually had to go and do something. I can't be trusted yet with spare time - I'm not there yet! I'm gonna work up to it! Does that make sense to anyone else?! #Repost @femalefoundersfair

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