Interviews with people about doulas, birth and babies - 2. Mother of two adults

Do you know what a doula does?

Birthing mentor/friend/companion (I think!)

Would you hire a doula if you had another child?

Not sure I would need one third time as I had such a positive second birth. But it probably depends on previous experiences and support available.

If you think it would have, how do you think a doula would have made a difference?

A doula wouldve been so helpful first time round. I think they would've given me confidence, someone whose voice you trust, to help navigate medical stuff, reassure me and over anxious dad, help communicate with overworked, tetchy and very brusque midwife, give/balance info on feeding (voices I heard were generally biased towards a "view" and not towards me and my baby's needs and experiences -medical professionals vs slightly extreme nct/la leche!) And advice or support on sleeping would have a big help.

I didn't know anyone else having a baby, other than my sister who was far away and also unsupported. So an experienced voice would've been very reassuring.

Would you have had a doula for your first births if you could?

I probably didn't need one second time as by then I had friends I could talk to, also my second birth was very different.
It's like insurance, you don't know a doula would've  helped until after the event!