International Doula Month - book club: Nurturing New Families, Naomi Kemeny

I'm not sure why, but out of the (too many) books I have bought on birth, pregnancy and becoming a doula, this book didn't leap out at me to read. I bought it on recommendation of the Doula UK reading list for new doulas, but had what I thought were more exciting books to read. Sorry Naomi Kemeny. 

However, what I have found is that this is a book I will be keeping handy, writing in the margins of and refering to again and again.

With the focus on postnatal care, whether by a family member, friend or doula, Kemeny discusses the details of how to look after a new family in the right way for that  family. No judgement, no agenda, no personal baggage.

There is information on care of new babies: feeding, crying, sleeping, cleaning, swaddling, medication, reflux, jaundice. I found the research on crying particularly interesting and reassuring. Reassuring is a good word for the whole book actually.

There are;

  • specifics on caring for women after different types of birth,
  • signs to look for to be able to signpost to services,
  • information about what can happen with multiples and what can sometimes help,
  • simple (but helpful!) breastfeeding support, and advice on when to refer, 
  • ways to involve siblings and support parents with older children,
  • how to manage pets and babies, 
  • reciepies, 
  • how to support the partner, 
  • cultural comparisons, 
  • tips for new doulas, .

There is more that can be learned about being a postnatal doula than what is just in this book. But this is a bloody good place to start.