International Doula Month Book Club - Maddie McMahon, Why Doulas Matter

Includes an excellent use of the phrase "lady parts". Need I say more?

A little bit? Ok.

If you are on the fence about getting a doula, or perhaps you've heard the word or someone has suggested you hire one but you're not convinced. If you read this book, you will know if you want one or not. 

It is a compact little book, an easy read, talking to you in Maddie's lovely voice about the reasons for birth companions, the benefits of doulas and the way that we can reduce birth trauma together. 

It would make an excellent gift to a newly pregnant family. At £8, it could give them something priceless they didn't know they needed. 

I bet if you have a list of questions about doulas, you will get them answered here: do all doulas offer similar things? are doulas a new thing? how is it different from having my mum, husband, wife, friend etc. there with me? how would in help if [insert your fear here] happened? And so on. 

It will get all your feminist bones shouting "yes sister!" and make you feel part of something. It gives us plenty of reinforcement that using our voice with others can do some good.  

 You can find Maddie at Developing Doulas, training new doulas and running courses supporting women with breastfeeding and other things.