Instagram post - Paternal Mental Health Week

Paternal Mental Health Week



Suicide is something we need to talk about more. I am hesitant to post this, I don't want to upset anyone. I don't want to upset myself. So I can empathise with people who don't want to talk about how they're feeling, especially when trapped in an identity of "strong silence". Yet talking about our mental health - whoever we are - is the way we can start to save lives. Real people's, real lives.

@thepsychologymum is (wonderfully) campaigning to get us all thinking about Paternal Mental Health this week (and to make it official!). I don't have many men following me so I would guess this will not reach the people that need to hear it. So maybe you can help by reaching out to a father in your life - someone you worry about, someone that seems a-ok - and open up, ask how they are, and when they say "fine" do the knowing head tilt grin combo "really?". We are all so unique...often in exactly the same ways, and no one really needs to feel alone.