Instagram post - do you want to have a baby?



👣 p r o - c r e a t e  OR  a g a i n s t ? 👣

I always thought getting pregnant and having your own children was a selfish indulgence. I planned to do it anyway, I wanted a baby long before I knew what making one involved. (This post is full of my bendy principles 😞) As a lapsed vegan, most part vegetarian for environmental reasons (alongside the moral and health ones), it didn't make sense to me to bring another carbon guzzling human into the world. Especially when there are plenty of children without.

But the urge to grown my own won out.

And now he's here, I realise that the urge was so strong in me because there was something missing.

It just means I have to work hard for my little luxury and do some good in return.

I realise that being able to have this opinion puts me in a privileged position and could make it look like I think people make these choices on a whim. I know there is heartache and loss in these decisions, this is just my experience.

we're all just doing our best right?