Instagram post - C-section, 'natural birth's and failure

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It doesn't matter how the baby gets out, as long and mum and baby are healthy.

Heard that? Is it true?

Does it matter if the baby is respected during examinations and afforded the most loving welcome possible?

Does it matter if the mother is hurt, physically or emotionally during birth?

Pregnancy and birth is not medical, until it is. And even then, medical procedures can be respectful, decent, kind.

I love the phrase "all birth is birth", I said it to myself a fair bit after my unplanned C-section. I want to be careful to use it in a way that validates all birth, and values the shared experience. But not in a way that downplays trauma to ensure common experience.

I know, what does this have to do with outside? well I'm playing fast and loose with the rules here kids, that's just the kind of crazy shit I get up to 😎 📸: @fromthepine (LOVE everything she does)

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