Instagram post - 7 months old

Oh my god. I am so tired. I don't believe in demon possessions...but what the F is going on.

You know when they are overtired, fighting sleep and don't know what to do with themselves? It's like that, but nearly constant. A new activity will maybe work for a moment before it's the same, sad, desperate, frustrated 'EERGH' noise again. He would play for 20-30 mins with his books and toys last month, and now he is asking for constant (maternal) attention. And he's gone back to only sleeping on me, sling or pram.

My theory is that he is more aware of his limitations and therefore more frustrated.

I'm finding it exhausting. The only thing making it easier than the first 3 months is that I trust myself more now. However, that is tempered by my own frustration that I am trying to do more now and can't.

The hour a day he still laughs is Beautiful, he's so into stuff now and he's like my best pal. And I know I've got it good having such a jolly one generally.

I'm just tired.