Birth Culture - a glance

Positive Birth Movement - Whitstable, 28th March. Run by Lucy de Pulford and Roz Macklin

A very short one today. (I've gone from social media/internet near silence for over a decade to public journaling almost daily and I need a little breather...)

There is something wonderful happening... somewhere near you people (primarily women) are changing the culture of birth. Actually, by the fact that they are doing it, it is changed (yes...there are some caveats here...but let's go with it for a second). 

It brings to my mind the story of the little fish and turtle talking about the sun; the turtle describes the sun saying, "it's lovely, so warm, but there is no water." "Water?" says the fish. Our water is culture, how can we be more aware of it when we are in it? (I think I got this from Mia Scotland's talk from last year's Doula UK conference - wonderful look on how UK culture is affecting perinatal wellbeing.) 

The people in that room on a Wednesday evening, some who had given birth and some who had not, are all part of a (partially) transformed culture. One of beautiful birth stories, where labour is not mystified or dramatised. One of supportive community and physical people to bring you tea, to hold you if you want to be held.

The main message I took from the evening was that it appears to be almost universal that it doesn't matter if your birth looked like your birth plan, it matters how you felt about it. It matters how you were cared for. And how you continue to be cared for. 

I recommend anyone pregnant find their local Positive Birth Movement Group and go along. It's a warm water current in what can be a cold sea.