What's in my doula bag?

so, you want to know what I carry around in my bag of tricks? 

I don't mind taking you on a tour of all the bits and bobs that can be used to ease, nourish, guide, soften and to be honest, sometimes distract.

The list below changes based on the person I'm working with. The beauty of hiring a doula is that we taylor our care to you - not to the "average person" (who is this average person? I've never met them...).

In a way I might as well fit myself into a pocket in the bag (it would have to be quite a big pocket...). I am tool for you to use like all the others. A notion I got from my truly wonderful mentor. I am the same person for every family I support, but each utilise me and my intrinsic resources in their own way. 

 I like packing my birth bag before I go on call, feeling the anticipation and thinking about exactly that mother or parent would find useful.

Sometimes it is something unexpected; one mother I supported found a little smiley moon light I brought to give her a little bit of happiness and calm when it caught her eye. In a hard labour these were moments of silliness and joy. It now sits in her daughter's nursery - I couldn't resist giving it to her knowing that she cherished that memory.


  • Fairy lights, and other soft lighting
  • Snacks (for parents, midwives and me!) 
  • Energy tablets (If the birthing person needs a boost but doesn't feel able to eat. Or to pep me up. )
  • Rescue remedy
  • Bendy straws
  • Extra socks - giving birth gives people cold feet!
  • New lip salves
  • Essential oils
  • Carrier oil, for massage (sweet almond)
  • Pilates balls 
  • Combs for pressure points
  • Hair bands/clips  
  • Peanut birthing ball
  • Fan
  • Microwavable heat pack
  • Hot water bottle
  • Flannels
  • TENS machine
  • A long scarf for doing all sorts.
  • Change of clothes and toiletries for me
  • Colouring book and pencils for a meditative activity for my hands in the right moment.
  • Your birth plan, my notes
  • A notebook and pen (I like to note timings if you are happy for me to. And sometimes I write a poem or two...)
  • Various playlists 
  • Hypnobirthing scripts
  • Signs for the door and light switch (reminding people to respect your space)  

In all honesty, sometimes all you need are your ears, hands and heart. The bag sits, not needed and we have everything we need within us. 

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