Thoughts on - Why Mothering Matters, Maddie McMahon

This is the book I want everyone to read. I want to buy a stash and hand them out as bus stops and coffee shops. It's not a big secret that I am quite in love with Maddie McMahon. I stop short of full on stalking the poor woman, but I I'm a bit of a clinger. It's just that being near her, or her words, is like being with the best version of your mother, of the mother. She is loving and warm and wise, but do not be a dick because she will not be standing for it. 

In my experience of Doula UK so far, there are a few magic women lighting up everything around them with their life affirming Feminimity. Maddie is one of the big hitters. 

This book is poetic, soft, strong, kind and angry. It eloquently speaks of so many things I've felt as a mother, a woman and a child who wanted nothing else but to raise a family but "knew" that was an 'unfeminist' and pathetic thing to desire. 

 I feel very understood by this book. But, in many ways I am of a similar demographic to Maddie. I know that she speaks in the book and has mentioned elsewhere about her concerns of being inclusive, of trying very hard not to whitewash history, of being aware of her privaledge when she wrote it. For me, it does this. But I am blinded by similar privaledge, so I would love to know your thoughts. Did you find it inclusive of your experiences? 

Great bits; the description of buttons very early oo and the phrase "gardener of small humans". I mean, come on. 

Criticism; describing birthing and feeding babies as effortless at one point! Although I think it is in the context of being more effortless than a man birthing and breastfeeding, so maybe I'll let her off.

For awesome resources from Maddie on birth, breastfeeding and parenting see