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Why you should consider blogging – and how it improved my mental health - By Antonia from MumVoice

Antonia, the blogger behind and Instagram blog @_mumvoice_ talks about what made her take up blogging and how it helped her heal and grow.

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Do new mothers deserve our respect?

What happens when we start respecting motherhood? Will the walls fall down and the ground start to shake? Please come and join the conversation

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You deserve a doula

This bit is sort of important, maybe you could write this down somewhere, the day you give birth to your son will not be 100% positive. How do I know that?

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Guest post - Mother Mother Doula & The Informed Family. Doulas believe in natural birth, at home, in water, with no drugs. And they will do everything they can to make sure you get that. Right?

A post I wrote for Sarah at The Informed Family on what doulas believe in and the type of births they support.

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Gift ideas for a new family

Arranging or attending a baby shower? If you’ve not had kids it can be hard to know what to get a new mother, I’ve got a few tips together from my experience as a mother and a friend of people with new babies.

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Guest Post - Sarah Turner of The Informed Family: Why I care that women can breastfeed...and why I don’t judge you if you aren’t

A beautiful piece on breastfeeding and why it IS political and why is DOES matter if we care about it or not by Sarah Turner of The Informed Family.

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