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About Me

I’m Ruth, a Kent Doula. Finding the right doula for you and your family is a deeply personal thing. You need to be able to trust me unfailingly. Here is a little bit about me, why I became a doula, some of the relevant courses and training I have undertaken, to give you an idea of if you would like to meet me. I’m sure there will be questions that I haven’t answered, I’m happy to answer anything that would help you decide if I am the right person for you. I am a birth and postnatal doula working in Kent and South East London.

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My name is Ruth

I am a mother. I am a birth and postnatal doula in Kent and South East London. 

I am passionate, professional, strong and loving. I don't have an agenda for how you should give birth or parent, I just want you to get the choice and support to be able to do it the way you want. 

As a member of Doula UK (DUK), my practice reflects the Doula UK philosophy and the Doula UK code of conduct.

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Why am I a doula? 

Well, while pregnant and during the forth trimester, it became a daily norm for someone to come and tell me about their birth or breastfeeding story, often emotionally charged and difficult ones. I could hardly believe how women were being treated during birth, and that it was seen as normal and ignored. I started to do my homework and investigate pregnancy and birth in the UK today (as well as globally). It led me to learning about doulas, and how much difference they can make. I had to get involved and try to create positive change.

When allowed to autonomously make decisions about their own bodies and their babies, it has been found that parents make good choices. As a family, or single person bringing a child into the world, you are faced with many decisions to make, often surrounded by medical professionals. I want to support you, with your birth partner if you have one, to be in the best position, ready with all the information you need to make the right decisions for you

What can I do for you?

Studies have shown that having a doula present at birth is linked to reduced rates of: inductions, cesearean sections, epidurals, forceps, ventouse and trauma. (See research page for more details of absolute risk).

“If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it.” -Dr. John H. Kennell

At the simplest level, I want to be a part of making sure your rights are respected during birth. Studies show that when women are respected and listened to, they have a better birth experience, and much lower risk of trauma (please see research for absolute risk). 

I want to be there to hold the space for you to make those choices, to keep the room positive and calm when others may become distracted or have other priorities. 

I know that you can have a beautiful birth, whatever that looks like for you and your baby. 

professional development & qualifications [date completed]

  • University of Exeter: Addressing Postnatal Depression as a Healthcare Professional [June 2019]

  • ABM: Breastfeeding Counsellor [January 2019 - ongoing]

  • MAM Learning: 3 Step Rewind for Trauma [December 2018 - ongoing]

  • Doulas Without Borders: Volunteer Doula [November 2018 - ongoing]

  • Doula UK: Mentored [October 2018 - ongoing]

  • The Mother Side: Perinatal Professional & Meetup Coordinator [November 2018]

  • Doulavation: Doula developmental course [November 2018 - January 2019]

  • MyBump2Baby: Named A Favourite Blogger [October 2018]

  • Developing Doulas: Doula Preparation Training [September 2018]

  • Family Action: Digital Parent Support Volunteer [August 2018 - ongoing]

  • Deakin University: Infant Nutrition [August 2018]

  • Family Action: Safeguarding Adults and Children [August 2018]

  • London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine: The Lancet Maternal Health Series, Global Research and Evidence [August 2018]

  • Family Action: Introduction to Equality and Diversity [July 2018]

  • Family Action: Protecting Data [July 2018]

  • Kings College London: Understanding NHS Values [July 2018]

  • Feedly: Awarded Top UK Doula Blog [June 2018]

  • Doula UK: Introductory Workshop [April 2018]

  • Doula UK: Conference (Survivor Stories) [March 2018]

  • Darent Valley Hospital: Hypnobirthing for parents [August 2017]

  • Daisy Foundation: Active Antenatal Birthing for parents, 20 weeks [September 2017]