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Are you looking for a doula to support you through pregnancy and birth?

  • Do you want a safe pair of hands to hold yours as you become a parent again or for the first time?

  • Did you have a hard time last time and would like it to go differently this time? (If “hard time” is putting it lightly this might be helpful.)

  • Has getting pregnant been a challenge? Perhaps your journey isn’t like anyone else’s journey and no one actually understands what it has been like?

  • Does birth feel scary and something you are dreading?

  • Are you planning a birth-day party and I’m invited?!

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My name is Ruth. However you got here - welcome, I can’t wait to meet you.

Ruth is an incredibly supportive, inspiring and well informed doula who I can’t recommend enough
— Stevie T

Who am I? I’m a mother and a doula. I like people and coffee and saving the world (or pretending that I can). I like swearing and learning and making people feel loved. You can read all the stuff about me here.

Why would you want me at your birth? It’s always hard to big yourself up, but I love this job and I think it shows in the experience that my clients have with me. You can read what people are saying about me here.

Why do I do this? Mainly, I do this to change things for the better; I believe that if a mother is supported well enough then she can do her job of supporting new life to the best of her capacity. Parenting is not supposed to be done in a vacuum, people have had support for millennia, it is now that we find ourselves more cut off and without back up. I do this to be the back up, to be your mother, sister, friend, partner, teacher, student, peer and doula. You can learn about all things bump, birth and babies here.

But, enough about me - what we are really interested in now is you. This is the bit where you get to be really selfish; you are growing a human. A whole human! Inside you. That gives you licence to think about and talk about yourself pretty much all the time. Come and tell me your story, and why you want a doula.

Let’s start making the best damn birth team you can imagine.

You will not regret having Ruth present before and during your baby’s birth. The birth of our first baby boy was the most magical, positive, empowering and deeply bonding experience we could have ever hoped for as a family - this was in no small part due to the presence and influence of Ruth throughout. What a way to welcome our baby.
— Natalie B
Ruth arrived promptly and immediately got set up to help me work through contractions, give my partner a break and guide us through to active labour. Ruth balanced the difficult task of staying by my side throughout labour with not imposing or “replacing” my partner. Ruth was simply amazing - she breathed through every contraction with me over several hours, encouraged me when I was exhausted, supported me when faced with choices from midwives, held our space so my partner and I had the freedom to be, think and move as we wanted to in labour. As a bonus, Ruth also took some stunning photos of us as a family which we will treasure forever
— NB

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To those of you who are unsure,
Come and share my love.
We have enough
To change the earth.
Let’s start with birth.
— Mission Statement

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